Sessel "Scandinavia"

> Technical specifications :
 Backrest width 700 mm
 Seat height 470 mm
Seat depth 460 mm
 Seat width 560 mm
 Backrest height 685 mm
Total length 860 mm
 Total width 810 mm
 Maximum capacity 170 kg
 3 colors : Chocolate - Blue - Cactus.

Scandinavia Chair

> Electrical lift chair -
   2 positions « lifting » & « sitting » positions.

Scandinavia Colors
- Only available on the Scandinavia and Scandinavia comfort models


Technical specifications:
. Fabric made of microfibres 100 % polyester – classified according to CAL 117 tests.
> Protocoles de nettoyage:
.  A sponge or a fabric made of microfibres and a soft soap used regularly are the most adapted cleaning tools for an effective cleaning.
.  All chemical agents, detergents, stain-removers which are sold in supermarkets and which aren’t classified “NF” (French Standard) mustn’t be used.
.  For all ink stains, an immediate cleaning is required in order to avoid any soaking of the ink in the fabric and so that the stain doesn’t become definitive.

Range: The colours of the Scandinavia range are only available on the Scandinavia & Scandinavia comfort models.